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Like many cities, Dallas, too, has its prime neighborhoods for illegal dumping. Sadly, this practice includes not only trash, but dogs.

While Dowdy Ferry Road was hardly a picnic for this black-and-white mixed breed, it didn’t — as it has been for so many others — turn out to be his end, but the site of a lovely new beginning.

Dallas resident Jeremy Boss is one of several concerned citizens who have taken to cleaning up the neighborhood, and back in April, he spotted the dog now named Dowdy, emaciated, sad, alone, ready for his end.

“This is pretty much the worst case I’ve had with a dog that actually is still alive,” Boss said in a video posted on his Facebook page back then. He took the dog to the Petmobile Pet Hospital.

Dowdy was severely underweight, parasite-ridden and sad when he was picked up in a Dallas area well known as a dog dumping ground.


“He was so thin. It looked like he hadn’t eaten in week,” said Dr. Emberly Henson told NBC DFW. “He was vomiting, not eating, could barely stand at all, and his belly was so swollen from the heartworms.”

The pair worked diligently to nurse Dowdy back to health and now, four months later, he’s put on weight and become quite the bundle of happy energy.

And he’s ready for a forever home.

He has since made a complete recovery and is now looking for a forever home!


“Several times we all thought it was time to put him to sleep, but it’s like he just would not give up. Three blood transfusions later, several weeks of IV fluids, and antibiotics, he’s happy, healthy, eating, running, playing. No heart worms. No intestinal worms,” Henson said, adding that in three decades she’s never seen a more pronounced turnaround. She credits Boss with Dowdy’s wonderful bounce-back.

“Jeremy was here talking to him, feeding him, loving him. I think it makes all the difference in the world when you give them that will – that somebody loves them – to fight after what he’s been through,” she said.

If you’re interested in making Dowdy a part of your family contact Petmobile Pet Hospital at 972-423-7387.

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